Do acrylic fabrics react to contact with certain products such as creams and sunscreens?

No, fabrics made from TUVATEXTIL acrylic fibers have an anti-stain treatment impregnated which prevents any reaction to certain products.

Can Tuvatextil acrylic fabrics get wet?

Tuvatextil produces a fabrics quality with a coated finish which allows any exposure to withstand weathering and water.

If you want to take care of your furniture and upholstery, we recommend protecting them for a longer product life.

What does 100% solution dyed acrylic fiber mean?

100%   solution dyed acrylic fiber is a dying process that impregnates the heart of the fiber, obtaining bright, glowing colors. The colored pigments impregnate the polymer dissolution before the fiber is formed. This gives high resistance to wear, excellent color fastness, optimum resistance and exceptional behavior in outdoor conditions and in the presence of micro-organisms.

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Do acrylic fabrics shrink?

No. Fabrics made from quality acrylic fibers do not shrink.

Do acrylic fabrics rot or produce mildew?

No, TUVATEXTIL acrylic fabrics have an anti-stain treatment impregnated which prevents any reaction to certain products.

Do acrylic fabrics lose color?

Tuvatextil acrylic fabrics ensure color stability for 5 years in the AGORA collection.

Do range fabrics CONTRACT M1 lose the fireproofing?

The production process of the range fabrics CONTRACT M1 are based on a fireproofed fiber, therefore these fabrics preserve the fireproofing according to manufacturer’s category.

Can I order a special color from the range CONTRACT M1??

Of course you can. From 300 meters and up we can produce the color you need.

Can we fireproof other acrylic fabrics of the AGORA and ACRISOL ranges?

Of course you can, if you order a minimum quantity we can produce the fabric in the ranges AGORA and ACRISOL.

How much fabric do I need…?

  • To upholster a typical chair is 0.80 meters, which can be increased up to 1.20 meters if the chair has an upholstered back too.
  • To upholster a sofa for two people, between 10 and 12 meters.
  • For a three seater sofa, up to 15 meters of fabric.
  • For an armchair about 7-8 meters of fabric, it depends on if it has sofa skirts or not.
  • A bean bag takes 3 meters of fabric.
  • A chaise lounge with a backrest needs 7.5 meters of fabric to be upholstered.
  • An upholstered headboard for the bed needs about 6 meters of fabric.
  • If the sofa or armchair has buttons, add 2 more meters of fabric.
  • To find the correct amount of fabric needed for curtains, especially if they are table or ruffled, is usually taken from the measure of the space you want to cover and multiplied by 2.5. For instance, if you want a curtain for a gap of 2.5 meters you need a fabric of 6.25 meters (2.5x2.5). The curtains with double and triple clamp may need a little less fabric.
  • To make blinds.  The standard rods, about 4 meters for double window, and 2.5 meters for single window. The so called “blinds” should be between 3 and 6 meters for simple window.

What does the fabric warranty cover?

The warranty covers any fiber abnormality, deterioration due to the loss of color or strength whenever the normal exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew, putrefaction and atmospheric agents in general, and as long as the fiber is installed, used and maintained properly.

When does it begin?

This warranty takes effect from the date of installation.

What document is important to preserve?

To enforce the warranty you should have the installer’s bill of sale.

What items does the warranty replace?

The warranty only includes the replacement of the fabric required to restore the awning, with no other concepts being covered.                 

What is excluded from the warranty?

In particular, deterioration due to misuse, accidental burns, negligence or perforation.